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In a culture of impatience and instant gratification we all want and expect instant results and don’t want to have to wait for anything. Having to wait isn’t ideal or convenient at the best of the times, particularly when you are waiting for dental work that may seriously impact the way you look and feel.

In order to eliminate the integration time associated with more traditional dental implants we have implemented the cutting edge “All on 4” implant solution.

All on 4 dental implants allow us to fit a full arch of dental bridgework, fused to your mouth, with as little as 4 implants within 48 – 72 hours of extracting the teeth. This process does not put you through multiple surgical procedures as with normal implants, resulting to less time being spent in the chair and in recovery.

This system is developed specifically to get you smiling again sooner with immediate aesthetical and functional improvements in three steps:

  1. Diagnosis, where we take 2D / 3D x-rays and design your future smile;
  2. Implant placement and the fitting of a provisional bridge two to three days later;
  3. Lastly, the installation of a final bridge three to six months later.

While the All on 4 process significantly reduces the time it takes to fit a set of implants, it does require the patient to strictly adhere to the workflow and treatment schedule. While fitting dental work into your busy lifestyle may be difficult fitting into the restraints of this process could actually save you time in the long run and give you more immediate results.

While you’re investing your time into your smile, you should also invest in its quality and durability too.

We offer customisable DaVinci Smiles Implant Packages: DaVinci Classic (Acrylic / Titanium), DaVinci Premium (Metal / Ceramic) and DaVinci Platinum (Metal free Zirconia Ceramic) all of these only vary in the type of prosthetic material used. Whatever you choose, DaVinci Smiles Implants are designed to look more natural and have a more permanent feel.

We have All on 4 provides package options to suit every budget. Whether we use four, five or six implants, the cost to you is the same. Only premium dental implants and local dental laboratories are used to create better implant solutions for you and your smile.

Please reach out for more information on which All on 4 solution would best suit you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.