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Want a more dazzling smile? Who doesn’t! A bright smile doesn’t just make us look healthier and more attractive, it also makes us look more confident, friendly and more.

If you’re currently on the dating scene then having a nice smile that makes people go weak at the knees should be considered your secret weapon. Even if you’re just looking to advance in your career, shining someone a brilliant smile can make all the difference and help you to get what you want by looking capable and like the kind of person someone would actually want to work with.

And here’s the good news: getting an amazing smile is actually amazingly easy. This doesn’t have to be invasive and in fact there are some things you can do that don’t even require a trip to the dentist!


For women, a quick trick you can use is to wear the right color lipstick. If you wear a bold red lipstick for instance then this will immediately make your mouth stand out at a distance more and thereby light up your whole face to a greater degree. The right lip gloss meanwhile can make your lips look fuller and more pouty which makes you look more attractive even if it doesn’t necessarily make your smile look ‘happier’ as such. Moreover, a lipstick can also make your teeth appear whiter by contrast. Experiment with different colors and see which ones make you look really healthy and bright. For guys? Facial hair can actually make a big difference!


Another trick is to try and work on your tan. This works in a similar way by darkening your skin in order to make your teeth look whiter. Again, it’s a completely free way to make your teeth look that much brighter immediately! And if it’s dark out? Then you can always use a self-tanning moisturizer.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes won’t transform your teeth overnight but that’s not to say they can’t make a noticeable difference in a relatively small amount of time. These work by using various agents and substances that are known to remove bacteria and even to slightly dye your teeth blue (in a good way!). It’s worth checking with your dentist first though as some of these will be damaging to your enamel.

Use Professional Teeth Whitening

Better is to visit a professional cosmetic dentist and to get professional teeth whitening services. These can make your teeth look brilliant white very quickly and it doesn’t involve any sort of invasive procedures. Often it will take just a couple of visits too.


While you’re there, you might want to ask about veneers – which are a type of ‘mask’ that attaches to the front of your teeth to make them look whiter and straighter from the front. Completely non-invasive and very fast!


Believe it or not, just practicing your smile can also have a huge impact. You think Tom Cruise got that smile by luck? Practice smiling in front of the mirror find your good side and you’ll at least be able to look better in photographs!