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It used to be that if you needed a ceramic crown, your dentist would require uncomfortable impressions to be taken, a temporary cap was bonded to your tooth while the impression was sent away to a ceramist to make the crown. When it was ready, you’d have to use numbing agents to remove the temporary cap. One-visit CEREC ceramic crowns change all that.

How long does a ceramic crown take?

Advances in tech for teeth now means, in most cases, you can get your new ceramic crown by booking a single appointment. That’s because our ceramic crowns are made on site at Duncraig Village Dental in around 90 minutes.

These modern crowns are made utilising computers with CAD/CAM software, making it closer to engineering and design than traditional dentistry, and it’s the same process that nearly all Ceramists use to make crowns these days.

What’s the procedure for a CEREC ceramic crown?

  1. We take a 3D scan of the tooth using a thin, wand-like camera. That means no gagging impression needs to be taken.
  2. Duncraig Village Dental manufacture the ceramic crown right here in around 90 minutes, while you wait.
  3. The affixing procedure is fast and is all done in-chair, with no need for additional anaesthetic in most cases. There is a short wait time following the ceramic crown procedure, where you can bring a book, magazine or enjoy our ceiling mounted TV right above the dental chair, with Foxtel!

What are the benefits of a one visit CEREC ceramic crown?

A dentist no longer has to fit a temporary crown to protect the tooth. These temporaries fall off more often than we would like. And of course, no second appointment is needed. One-visit ceramic crowns are better for the tooth as less complications arise (due to a leaking or removing a temporary crown).

We use the CEREC system that has a 30 year track record, and has been part of our processes since 2001.

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