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A pleasant smile is often important in leaving good first impressions. It is thus important to maintain healthy teeth so that you can maintain those beautiful smiles. To achieve this, it is encouraged for you to integrate the following foods into your diet:


Nuts are excellent sources of protein and are healthy for your teeth. They are beneficial because they contain nutrients such as magnesium potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and of course, calcium. Calcium is of utmost importance when it comes to building stronger bones and having stronger teeth. While there may be many different kinds of nuts, Brazil nuts and almonds are strong contenders when it comes to protein and calcium content. Sesame seeds make up a good alternative too.

Green Tea

It is advantageous to drink green tea on a regular basis. Studies have shown that some Japanese people who drink green tea more frequently are less vulnerable to tooth loss. Although the correlation between reduced tooth loss and the consumption of green tea still needs to be proven, green tea is nevertheless helpful in preventing gum disease and controlling infections due to the presence of Catechins. It is overall beneficial for oral health and is thus advised to be consumed regularly.

Fruits rich in vitamin C

Not all fruits, but specifically kiwis, strawberries and citrus fruits. These fruits have some of the highest concentrations of vitamin C and have been proven to be good for gum tissue. They also form collagen which is important in the connective tissues between your gums and teeth. Furthermore, strawberries and kiwis help to prevent discoloration which may occur because of routine consumption of wine or coffee.

Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are a wonder for your teeth. They contain a natural form of sugar which prevents gum inflammation. This particular substance targets and kills the harmful bacteria that cause gum problems. The most fascinating thing is that it does so without affecting the other non-harmful bacteria at all.


Be sure to try and include onions in your salads or sandwiches. Onions, especially when eaten raw, are effective in eliminating bacteria that cause gum disease. Raw onions are high in sulfur-containing compounds and are therefore more effective as compared to cooked ones. If you do not take raw onions, cooked ones will also suffice.

Fibrous food

Celery and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in water are helpful in stimulating the secretion of saliva. Saliva is crucial in cleansing your palette and reducing the amount of bacteria in your oral cavity. It would be even better if these fibrous foods are low in acid, so as they do not add to the acidity levels in your mouth. High activity levels may break down your teeth over time. Additionally, eating fibrous foods also have the effect of scrubbing your teeth and removing freshly formed plaque. They sweep the bacteria away and protect plaque from accumulating on your teeth.

You may attempt to incorporate the above mentioned food into your daily diet to achieve a healthier and cleaner set of teeth. It might need some getting used to, but will eventually become easier to handle. For all you know, in time to come, you will be the owner of that unforgettable and pleasant first impression!