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Smoking is a bad lifestyle habit that can bring negative effects and causes harm to the human anatomy, which includes one’s oral health.

The aforementioned can be aggravated if proper health care routines are not implemented and adhered to. Although quitting is the most efficient way to guarantee better oral health, there are a number of tips that, if followed, may still be beneficial to those who choose not to quit.

As there may be more risks and complications associated with smoking and its impact on one’s oral health. It is therefore mandatory that people, who smoke, visit their dentists regularly for timely dental checkups. It is a good idea for everyone to visit a dentist once every six months. It is during such visits that the dentist will be able to check and clear you from any symptoms that indicate oral cancer or other gum diseases. Here are some tips for smokers in the maintenance of proper dental care in Perth:

Smokers should pick up a proper oral hygiene plan

This is one of the most important steps in maintaining one’s oral health. Smokers should floss, brush, gargle with mouthwash and use a tongue cleaner on a regular basis – at least twice per day. By visiting dentists regularly, smokers also stand to benefit from professional cleaning services for a thorough clean.

Purchasing a suitable toothbrush

Buying the appropriate toothbrush is something that most people overlook. There are many types of toothbrushes that are available in the market and you should pick one based on the condition of your teeth and gums. Smokers, especially, should look out for toothbrushes that are able to sufficiently target and clean almost every nook and cranny around the gums, as gums are susceptible to diseases if left uncared for.

Toothbrush bristles should be strong and stiff enough to eliminate stubborn particles that may get left behind by the contents of a cigarette. Smokers should also consider using more specialized toothpastes because they may be chemically stronger and capable to eliminate stains and other bacteria compared to conventional toothpaste. Mouth wash is important too. It helps suppress bad breath due to excessive dryness in the mouth.

Smokers should avoid some foods

There are some types of food that one needs to know about, regardless of whether one smokes or not. Such food may stain the teeth or even corrode it. In order to alleviate the effects from smoking, smokers can consider cutting down on such foods too. For example, they may want to avoid consuming too much caffeinated drinks like coffee or soda.

It is also important for smokers to avoid foods that contain high acidic contents. Such foods cause the enamel to breakdown. Furthermore, they eat away teeth cavities as well.

Regular self-checkups

It is crucial for people with regular smoking habits to regularly carry out self-checkups too. They should check for persisting sores around the face, neck and more importantly inside the mouth. Sores lasting for more than two weeks are an indication of a potentially serious problem.

Unusually long-lasting bleeding in the mouth, swellings and unusual lumps are also indicators of a serious problem. If one notices dark, red, or dark patches inside the mouth during self-checkups, it would be wise to consult with a dentist in Perth immediately.