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Having a great smile is often one of the stand out features that makes someone appear good-looking. Our smiles are what give our faces much of our personalities and if yours is confident, charismatic and friendly then people are going to instantly warm to you.

But having a great smile goes further than that. In fact having a great smile can pretty much transform your entire life. Read on to find out how…

Facial Feedback

Facial feedback is a term that describes the process through which our facial expressions can influence our emotions. Simply, if you smile you will often find that it makes you feel instantly happier than you did before and the reason for this is that our emotions often ‘mirror’ the expression on our face, most likely due to the unconscious association between smiling and feeling happy.

If you have a great smile, then you will find that you smile more often and thanks to facial feedback, this then means you will be likely to actually feel happy more often too!

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are neurons in the brain that help to give us a sense of empathy. Essentially, when we see someone else smile or cry, our mirror neurons fire and make us feel the same way as that person. This is one of the big reasons that emotions are so ‘contagious’ and that seeing someone in a bad mood can so quickly ruin your own.

Mirror neurons also mean, that when someone sees you smiling or frowning, they are likely to feel that same way. This is very advantageous for those who smile a lot because it means that the people around you are going to end up feeling good more of the time. And if people come to associate spending time with you with feeling good, they will then want to spend more time with you! It’s a quick way to become more popular.

Wider Consequences

Along with the fact that healthy smiles make us more attractive, all this means that people who smile will be more confident, more popular and better able to influence others. In turn, this can lead to improvements in every area of your life. If you smile more and look more confident then people will make the assumption that you are also more competent and more efficient (because why else would you be so confident?). This in turn means they’ll be more likely to trust you with important jobs and promotions. And because smiling will make you feel more happy and more confident, you’ll find you actually are better at those jobs as well – more likely to take positive risks and more likely to perform well as a charismatic leader.

Of course this is all without even mentioning just what a profound effect a charming smile can have on your relationships!

In other words then, smiling more and having a great smile to show, can help to improve nearly ever aspect of your life. If you’re not happy with your current smile then call your dentist for some cosmetic dentistry right away!