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Wrinkle relaxers refer to the injection of Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTx-A). Many people refer to it by the brand names Botox® or Dysport®.

BTx-A has been used for many years to smooth out lines and wrinkles that appear from the use of the muscles of facial expression. Popular areas for BTx-A treatment are:- the “frown lines” between the eyes, “forehead lines” and “crows feet” around the eyes. We have also been using BTx-A successfully in certain situations to treat a “gummy smile”. Expert administration can result in the loss of the wrinkles but not the character. The results of BTx-A treatment are temporary and generally last 3-6 months. However with on going use the muscle will relax further and the lines become naturally softer.


Why go to a dentist to have your BTx-A treatment? Well often your Dentist will be familiar to you as someone you already know and trust so that there is no need to go to visit an unfamiliar practitioner, who has unfamiliar staff in strange surroundings. Also it could be done at the same time as a regular dental work. After all a beautiful smile is only one feature of facial aesthetics. We believe in delivering the whole package.

Many patients get top-ups at the same time as their regular checkups and cleaning appointment. At most Medical Cosmetic Surgery practices the Doctor is not the person who administers the BTx-A. Although many “Nurse Injectors” may be trained not many will be as skilled or as experienced as your Dentist.

Dentists are experts at giving injections, after all its what we do all day every day. Dentists are all highly trained in facial anatomy and understand facial aesthetics very well. We stare at faces just about every minute of every day. Cosmetic Dentistry is an art and as such we as Dentists are skilled at recognizing irregularities and asymmetries that would benefit from Wrinkle relaxers. Why not ask about Wrinkle Relaxers at your next dental visit.