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One of the comments I often hear when I meet people socially for the first time and they find out that I am a dentist is that they would love to have their teeth fixed but affordable dentistry is hard to find.

Unfortunately dentistry is an expensive business to run. It is very labour intensive because we custom make everything from scratch. We can’t just import a filling or a crown from a lower cost country to sell like would occur in a standard retail business.

It has always concerned me that the people who often need our services the most are the ones that can least afford to pay for the major reconstructions that they will ultimately need. I went into this profession to help people. Sure high-end cosmetic and implant dentistry is extremely rewarding but not at the expense of pricing everyday Australians out of the market. One of the problems of neglecting dental problems is they always get worse and they always become more expensive to fix. The most opportune time to fix a problem is now. It will never get easier or cheaper.

Over the last few years I have been very conscious of providing affordable treatment plans as an option and alternative to major reconstructions with crowns, bridges, veneers and implants. Modern techniques allow us to rebuild broken down teeth with resin fillings for only a couple hundred dollars. Sure a crown may be better but a resin rebuild will work nicely as an interim measure and in many situations last many years with good home care.

Worn down smiles can also be rejuvenated with resin build-ups fairly inexpensively. Often 6 front teeth can be rebuilt with resin for not much more than the cost of a single crown. This type of dentistry is extremely rewarding and the tears and the warm fuzzies I often get after doing these cases is one of the highlights of my work.

Even missing front teeth can be replaced with direct resin bridges for about the same price as partial denture, freeing patients from that uncomfortable denture they may have struggled with for years.

Despite all of the lower cost alternatives I still find many patients would like to spread the payments over time. This can easily be achieved in one of two ways either with staging of treatment over time or by the use of financing. We really try to make it as easy as we can for you to get the dentistry you need done so that the disease process doesn’t get any worse. Book an appointment with me today to find out what options are suitable for you.