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More and more celebrities are choosing to get veneers which in many case are helping their careers to a great degree. Veneers are a fantastic option for anyone in the public eye because they are able to transform smiles without painful or lengthy procedures.

And while it might not be as important for those of us not in the public eye to have perfect teeth, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t also benefit from this procedure.

How Veneers Work

So what are veneers and how do they work?

Essentially, a veneer is a porcelain cap that you attach to the front of your teeth. These are flat surfaces that can literally be bonded to your teeth without any need to remove your existing teeth. What this means though, is that you are able to change the way that your smile looks from the front. Your teeth take on the appearance of your veneers and this then means that you can have a perfectly white and perfectly straight smile. Of course many people will choose not to go for a ‘perfectly straight’ smile however which can risk looking unnatural; with veneers you get to design your smile exactly the way you want to with the help of your dentist. Veneers can also help you to make your teeth look straighter, while individual teeth can also benefit from veneers to cover up localized damage – veneers are highly versatile.

This also is why veneers are so non-invasive. Unlike other some other types of dental procedures such as implants, there’s no need to remove teeth, drill into the jaw or anything else. Rather, the veneers are literally created and then attached to the teeth in just two visits.

Additional Benefits

There are other benefits to having veneers too. For one instance, veneers don’t just change the way the teeth look from the front but also protect them from damage or staining. While veneers can’t undo any damage you might already have done to your teeth, they will certainly help to protect the fronts from any future deterioration.

Limitations and Solutions

Veneers of course are somewhat limited compared with implants in as much as they require you to have teeth in place for the veneers to attach to. If you have gaps in your teeth though, or teeth that are badly crooked or overcrowded, then veneers may not be enough to solve the problem. In these situations however, veneers can actually be used alongside other procedures. For instance, you can use dental implants to fill in specific gaps or alternatively bridges.

This way, you can completely redesign a smile and fix the appearance of your teeth even if they have badly deteriorated – but you don’t need to go through the painful process of having all your teeth removed.

From the perspective of a celebrity then, this is a fantastic way to get a Hollywood smile in no time at all. And while you might not be going on camera any time soon, the same process can help you to feel and look more attractive and confident in just the same way!