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When was the last time you ever visited your dentist? Was it about a year ago or even way beyond that? Well, if you have finally decided to make that much-needed visit then you better be prepared. Be prepared not for how painful the procedure will be but for the fact that you have to learn about all other options that will make your teeth even healthier and more beautiful. Here are some of the latest trends you should know in the world of dental care.

Use of high-tech x-rays

You may be used to traditional radiographs utilised by your dentists to check on what may be causing your toothache. Now, the latest technology includes high-tech x-rays, otherwise known as digitised x-rays. They may have been in the market for quite some time now but it is only during the past year that they have become popular with many dentists. These ones work by making use of an electronic sensor to capture an image inside your mouth. The image will then be scanned in a computer to make it readily available for viewing. With this image, your dentist can assess your dental health in a faster way.

Use of lasers to detect tooth cavity

There is that traditional instrument that dentists make use of in order to find cavities on your tooth. These are the ones they insert and poke in your mouth every time you go for a check-up. From there, the dentist will look closely to see if your tooth is decaying. Today, this has been replaced by the Diagnodent laser thus making it easier for your dentist to determine whether or not a tooth should be monitored or filled.

Use of CAD or CAM Technology

Dentists these days make use of either the computer-assisted design (CAD) or computer-assisted manufacture (CAM) in the world of dental care. These two have made dental visits fewer than usual and have also made placing crowns and bridges faster. This technology eliminates the need to make use of a mould whenever a patient needs a crown. As a substitute to the traditional impression, it allows dentists to use the captured image in making the crown right inside the clinic. This negates the need for a second visit to fit the crown

Use of thinner veneers

Veneers have been used to hide unattractive teeth. Veneers in the past where thicker than what we see today. This does not mean that the thinner veneers are not as strong as the thicker ones. What makes thinner veneers even more appealing is the fact that they continue to cover chipped or crooked teeth with less or no tooth preparation.

Use of better dental implants

In the past, dental implants seem to be a failure for patients who make use of them. It barely relied on the screw-like device which is inserted and fused with the jawbone and is commonly found protruding over the gum line. These ones have been improved to make sure that implants would last longer.

There are indeed a lot of recent innovations that make dental care in Perth easier for both the dentist and the patient. Now that you have seen how simple dental procedures have become, we bet you will no longer have second thoughts when it comes to visiting your dental health provider regularly.