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Thanks to modern technology, dentists everywhere can now offer their patients top quality and long-lasting fillings within a matter of hours.

The increasing demand for restorative and cosmetic restorations along with the augmented resilience and longevity contributed to the great advancements in certain materials commonly used in dentistry.

In fact, nowadays, most dentists can prepare the necessary fillings while the patient is waiting in the chair. Using CAD/CAM technology, the CEREC fillings falls under this innovative category. Opting for CEREC restorations instead of the traditional gold or composite resin fillings presents a few benefits, as you are about to find out.

1. CEREC makes temporary crowns obsolete

By far the biggest advantage of CEREC over its composite resin counterparts is that the entire restoration treatment can be performed while you are at the dentist’s office. Therefore, patients are no longer forced to have a temporary crown inserted while the permanent one is being prepared in the technician’s laboratory. Since you don’t have to worry about protecting your tooth and the temporary crown, it means you can enjoy your favourite beverages and foods immediately after the CEREC filling has been placed.

2. There’s no need for gagging or messy impressions

Not until long ago, the dentist had to make impressions on the tooth so that the crown matched the curve and shape of your bite. Because CEREC helps the dentist obtain a digital map of your mouth and uses a computer system to create a crown that fits perfectly with the rest of the teeth, your appointment for a dental filling is not only less messy, but takes less time and, most importantly, poses little to no discomfort.

3. CEREC fillings come with increased longevity

In spite of the fact that they have the same success rate as gold, meaning 93%, CEREC fillings last for up to four times longer. While an amalgam filling will need checking and replacing once every 4 to 5 years, CEREC restorations last for almost 15 years. Moreover, because they are biocompatible, CEREC fillings are the material of choice for large molar tooth restorations.

4. The treatment can be completed in a single session

Because CEREC restorations take less time, they are perfect for patients with hectic schedules who can’t afford to leave the workplace and visit the dentist’s office as often as it’s required, to have their traditional fillings or crowns placed. In fact, in most cases the dental treatment, complete with the permanent filling, can be finalized in a single session. All that while preserving the tooth and the patient’s overall oral health.

5. The restoration work is almost invisible

While traditionally, fillings were made of metal or bulky porcelain, the restoration treatment with CEREC is white and invisible. The popularity of CEREC among patients requiring cosmetic restoration is also due to the fact that the high-quality ceramic material used matches the natural colour of the teeth. Because it employs porcelain materials that resemble enamel’s shades remarkably, CEREC allows dentists to create fillings and crowns that are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.