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Invisalign is the latest buzzword in circles where dentistry matters and patients are alike in their keenness to try out this new dental procedure.

But before you jump on the bandwagon, take in consideration the pointers that follow in the paragraphs. Invisalign’s international acceptance as being a comfortable and convenient fix for the oral or dental imperfections of patients has ensured its surging popularity amongst proponents of cosmetic dentistry. Besides being an easy means for bringing out a charming smile, it is also discreet with aligners that are more like transparent retainers.

In spite all its advantages, it’s not the cure-all as envisioned by most. The best people to talk to about this are providers of this procedure. The following points should be kept in mind while flirting with idea of getting Invisalign treatment.

The Severity and Kind of Problem at Hand

This is the factor that should be kept at the top of the list should you contemplate an Invisalign. If the case is too severe then it is unlikely that Invisalign can be of help while treating the problem at hand as there may sometimes be a need of jaw shifting that Invisalign simply does not provide. Invisalign is perfect for moderate cases of:

• Teeth which are too crowded

• Teeth with gaps

• Teeth with overbite

• Teeth with crossbite

• Teeth with underbite

Severe cases usually demand conventional treatment options such as clear or metal braces. A dentist is in the best position to advice.

Age of the Patient


Those who have matured teeth are more suited for Invisalign. With their growing teeth young teenagers and children are not ideal candidates. Adults or those in their late adolescence are particularly attracted towards Invisalign due to the transparency it offers. Adolescence is accompanied by more than its share of problems and braces only add to it. Adults likewise are weary of being looking like brace wearing teenagers. Though the problem of being self-conscious is not as acute as in the teens still braces in adults look odd enough.

Your Own Dedication Towards Having a Charming Smile

The option of removing your Invisalign goes against it as many show neglect towards what needs to be done in the post treatment period. The aligners are required to be removed during meals but must remain in the mouth for at least 22 hours a day. So, if you are lacking in dedication then Invisalign might not prove to be the easy fix that it promises to be.

Opt To Take the Free Smile Assessment Test by Your Dentist

In order to have a better conception whether if Invisalign is what the doctor ordered literally, the free smile assessment test by a certified dentist is necessary. All you need to do is to give out some information about yourself as well as your needs and the assessment will guide you accordingly. But do keep in mind that the test is no substitute for a final assessment by a trained professional in the field. Also, always remember to contact your dentist to know whether Invisalign is right for you.