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No matter how good your dental health is overall, it only takes a few chips and scratches to greatly undermine the look of your teeth and to leave you looking less celebrity and more hobo.

Unfortunately, chips and scratches are also very easy to come by and if you aren’t careful you can end up accumulating lots very quickly. Here we will look at some of the biggest causes of chips and scratches and some of the best ways you can avoid them.

Stop Carrying Things in Your Mouth!

If you have a habit of carrying things in your mouth, then it’s time to stop. Most of us will pick our hands first when it comes to carrying bags and things but if we have to pass items between our hands or otherwise juggle lots of items then it’s not uncommon to temporarily hold something in our mouths while we do. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for this to result in a scratch or a chip in your teeth – especially if you’re holding something metal or sharp like keys or the top of a bottle. Heavy items are also especially dangerous.

Take a moment, find a table and put your things down – it’s worth it if it means you get to avoid permanently damaging your teeth!

Watch Out During Sports

If you play a sport then you need to wear a gum guard. This isn’t just the case for contact sports either – even non-contact sports can damage your teeth if you’re likely to trip over and bash your teeth on the floor. Nobody ever plans to do this but it happens.

Be Careful What You Eat

Being careful what you eat and how you eat it is also important. Chewing ice is famous for causing chips and scratches for the teeth so this is a habit you want to get out of right away. What’s even worse is trying to bite through a gobstopper.

You know what? Avoid the gobstoppers altogether. Even if they don’t shatter your teeth or chip the edges they’re still full of sugar and far from being good for you.

Plums and other fruits with stones are also dangerous, so bite gently and cautiously.

Look Where You’re Going

You don’t just fall over playing sports – it can happen at any time. And any time it can lead to a damaged tooth or a bitten tongue. Thus you need to avoid this being the case by always just practicing caution and looking where you’re going at all times.

Drink Your Milk

Calcium can strengthen your teeth and bones and the stronger your teeth and bones are, the less likely they are to chip! Vitamin D and magnesium are also fortifying.

Visit the Dentist

Finally, make sure to take regular trips to your dentist and to get general dental care. A dentist can help you to spot problems early and to avoid various issues which can in some cases lead to chipped teeth!