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There are several causes of tooth discoloration and this includes foods and drinks, smoking, diseases, medications, poor oral hygiene, advancing age, genetics and even trauma.

Though some of these causes may be irreversible, minor causes can be remedied with the help of a professional. And yes, summer is the best time to get your act together and see how you can reverse the things that have caused your teeth to darken.

Change your toothbrush

Ideally, your toothbrush should be replaced every three months due to the fact that its bristles get worn out. In the case of substandard toothbrushes, these should go to the trash bin sooner than the prescribed period because the bristles get worn out easily. As a result, your toothbrush will not be able to clean your teeth properly.

Brush your tongue and use dental floss

The next time you brush your teeth, remember to include your tongue. Do not just clean its tip and sides but also its back. Your tongue can be a breeding ground for bacteria that could damage your teeth. Using dental floss is often underrated because a lot of people think that this piece of thread is useless. Little do they know that it helps a lot in cleaning in between your teeth!

Include raw fruits and vegetables in your diet

Summer time is a time when you get involved in dieting since you will have to visit the beach and flaunt your body. Let this be the time to include some pointers on what and what not to eat to your diet whilst you also endeavour to whiten your teeth.

Eating raw carrots, cauliflower, celery and apples can help you get rid of stains in your teeth. Nuts can offer you some help too. Crunchy fruits and vegetables act as ‘toothbrushes’ that help in lifting stains from your teeth. But be informed that not all raw fruits and veggies can do the trick.

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are excluded in the rule because of their acid content. You can have these but you have to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating them. The acidic component of these fruits can erode tooth enamel making it more prone to discoloration. It is true that Vitamin C is good for your overall health but if you want your teeth to become whiter you have some limitations.

Use whitening gel instead of strips

Strips don’t distribute the whitening formula evenly and it cannot reach your gum line and back teeth. Most strips come in a rectangular shape which makes you unable to fit it well along the natural course of your teeth. Whitening gel can be easily distributed by using cotton buds, sterile gauge and even your fingers. Just make sure that you washed your hands properly.

Consult your dentist

The best way to get whiter teeth is to consult your dentist. He may recommend procedures that can help you get the most out of teeth whitening. For example, scaling greatly reduces teeth discoloration. Another form of treatment will take four weeks and this involves the application of a whitener by using a protective rubber shield. The laser method can also be done. This activates the chemicals thus speeding up the process of teeth whitening by a few degrees.

With these tips, a fun-filled summer is along the way. Flash your pearly white teeth at everyone and create a lasting impression on them!