Laser Dentistry

Pain-Free Dentistry

For a pain-free, relaxing dentist visit try out our Laser Dentistry services. Most of the time Laser Dentistry removes the need for harsh drilling and uncomfortable needles.


Hands up who hates needles?

Now put them down, you’ll need them near the keyboard to email Maven Dental Duncraig after you’ve read this. Maven Dental Duncraig offers the amazing service of laser dentistry. A pain and needle free alternative to traditional dentistry. This great option is able to be used in around 80% of cases.

Most pain in dental procedures, when using a high speed drill, is caused by heat and vibration. This heat and vibration, in addition to causing pain, can lead to cracks in the teeth and pulpitis.

The waterlaser, which Maven Dental Duncraig uses, produces neither heat nor vibration, reducing the chance of cracks and eliminating pain in most cases. The waterlaser avoids this as it uses a hydrokinetic process, gently washing away decay with YSGG laser-energised water droplets.

That last sentence was a little confusing. What it correlates to is… no pain!

This new technology allows Maven Dental Duncraig to provide you with comfortable, pain free dentistry for a great number of procedures including fillings and gum treatments.

Is laser dentistry safe for your whole family?

Maven Dental Duncraig have a commitment to providing you, the patient, with the very best care and service, so Maven Dental Duncraig can assure you that any treatment or procedure they recommend will be, without doubt, safe for you and your family.

To find out more about laser dentistry call Maven Dental Duncraig today!