Preventative Dentistry

Imagine stumbling across a dentist whose goal is for you to have fewer appointments. A dental surgery who hopes that your teeth are so healthy that all you need is a check up rather than a major procedure.

Well guess what? You’ve stumbled across one right now! Maven Dental Duncraig (formerly Duncraig Village Dental) is a firm believer of preventative care. In fact, they endorse a system known as CariFree that is designed to stop dental problems before they start.

The CariFree system uses the latest technology to keep your teeth strong and healthy. It is a simple and inexpensive test that will show you how much decay-causing biofilm you have on your teeth. Knowing this allows you to know when you should use other CariFree solutions to prevent decay before it becomes a problem.


Now, what is this biofilm?

Oral biofilm covers your teeth and harbours bacteria. Studies over the years have shown that there are several destructive bacteria that can live and develop in normal oral biofilm. The problem is when the bacteria reach high levels. When this occurs the bacteria causes a bacterial infection known as biofilm disease.

Too much talk of biofilm and not enough about healthy teeth?

Perhaps, but what Maven Dental Duncraig wants you to realise is that they can really help with a very simple system. A one minute CariScreen will help determine if you have too much bacteria in your biofilm. If you do require preventative care, it’s as easy as rinsing your mouth out… literally! The preventative treatment is a 30 day program that will see you use CariStat antibacterial treatment rinse.

The use of this rinse will significantly reduce the amount of bacteria in your oral biofilm. Not only does the rinse reduce the bacteria in the biofilm, once the bacteria is at a healthy point, the rinse then prevents the bacteria from again reaching unhealthy levels. For more information on this fantastic treatment please speak to one of the friendly staff at Maven Dental Duncraig today.