Sedation Dentistry

Have past experiences warded you off future dental work? There’s no need to live in fear of the dentist – sedation or sleep dentistry provides a painless dental solution, and maybe the perfect options for you!

Historically, visits to the dentist are associated with being a painful and uncomfortable experience to be avoided… well, how do you think this makes our friendly team at Maven Dental Duncraig (formerly Duncraig Village Dental) feel?

Thankfully, modern dentistry advancements make painless dentistry a genuine, accessible and affordable option. Maven Dental Duncraig provides specialised painless sedation solutions for all those tradition dentist-dodgers in the Greater Perth area.

Sedation Dentistry

Ever wished you could just lie down and relax, while all your dental work is painlessly completed? That’s pretty much how our painless sedation dentistry works.

Our twilight sedation dentistry, otherwise known as ‘sleep’ dentistry, allows you to be sedated just enough to be pain-free and unaware of the treatment. Twilight sedation dentistry also provided a mild amnesic effect, so that you have very little or no recollection of the visit.

At Maven Dental Duncraig we use a specialist medical doctor called an Anaesthetist to provide the sedation so that we can concentrate on looking after the dentistry. Sedation dentistry is safe for most patients and has a much lower risk of complications than a general anaesthetic.

It’s official, there’s no longer any excuse for avoiding the dentist! Painless Sedation dentistry is perfect for people with a fear of dentists, sensitive teeth, bad gag reflex, hate needles or just generally don’t enjoy your traditional dentist experience.

Contact Maven Dental Duncraig today to request painless sedation therapy, and stop putting off long-overdue dental needs!