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Duncraig Village Dental showcases the latest cosmetic dentistry technology with our “all on 4” dental implant service.

Remaining at the forefront of advanced dental artistry in Perth, we are proud to be able to utilise this revolutionary solution to a perfect, fully functional, permanent replacement of teeth.

Aside from a beautiful smile, having a functional mouth is obviously an extremely important factor of day-to-day life. Having broken, cracked, painful teeth or ill-fitting dentures can seriously hamper your comfort in eating and may cause you to be anxious about your smile. All on 4 dental implants may be the perfect solution!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

What are “all on 4” dental implants?

The latest advances in dental implant technique allows us to fit a full arch of dental bridgework, fused to your mouth with as little as 4 implants, and generally within 48-72 hours of extracting the teeth.

How does “all on 4” work?

The dental implants are the same titanium fixtures, fixed to the jawbone, that are used to form the foundation of prosthetic replacement teeth. The term “all on 4” refers to the new technique which avoids the need for an implant under every tooth, being able to support an entire arch of prosthetic replacements with as little as 4 implant foundations. This technique involves the back two implants being fixed at an intentional angle, to provide the required support for total reconstruction.

What are the advantages of “all on 4” dental implants?

Avoid multiple surgical procedures
Eliminate integration time associated with more traditional dental implants
Immediate aesthetical and functional improvement
Easier to clean/maintain than dentures
More natural and permanent feel

Is “all on 4” suitable for everyone?

Generally speaking, most patients are eligible for all on 4 dental implants, even some patients that were unable to receive traditional implants due to insufficient bone. Our highly qualified team undertake a full dental assessment prior to operation, so we advise you contact us for professional assessment of your “all on 4” eligibility.

All on 4 dental implant cost?

The cost per individual case will vary depending on the type of bridgework that needs to be made to fit the implants and whether a provisional bridge will need to be made. Contact us to find out which “all-on-4” solution would best suit you.

Please contact us today to enquire about our new “all on 4” dental implant service.