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Many people have concerns regarding the colour of their teeth. We know that with age, teeth become yellow as enamel gives out. With claims of being able to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades within an hour, Zoom™ whitening has caught peoples’ attention and become more popular in Australia. So, should you join the rush to ‘Zoom’ your teeth clean? Here are the top five questions, answered.

Question #1. What Is Zoom?

Zoom whitening involves the application of a topical gel that is ‘activated’ by strong light to whiten teeth. The procedure begins with a dentist moisturising the patient’s lips with vitamin E oil. The patient is provided with protective eyewear so that the light source does not damage the eyes. The retractor holds the lips in place so they do not come into contact with the teeth. A light source is held in place over the patient’s mouth to activate the gel. The whole procedure lasts around one hour and promises to lighten teeth by up to eight shades.

Question #2. Are All Teeth Whitened?

Unlike tray-based whitening, only the teeth at the front of the mouth are whitened. On these teeth, the treatment only whitens the front sides as whitening gel is applied directly using a small brush. However, most dentists do give patients a set of whitening trays. These are used with special gel to whiten their teeth at home.

Question #3. Why Do Prices Vary So Wildly?

If you have been researching Zoom, you may have noticed that prices vary a great deal. Some dentists charge hundreds of dollars while coupon websites such as Groupon sometimes offer deals for a fraction of that cost. In general, you get what you pay for and the higher-priced packages include additional services such as fluoride treatments to desensitize the teeth to the whitening gel.

Question #4. Should I Prepare Before Having Zoom?

If you pay for a full package, all materials will be provided meaning that no preparation is necessary. If you pay for a cheaper package, you may want to start using a fluoride mouthwash on a daily basis, as no such treatment will be provided. Some patients do experience pain during treatment so using fluoride mouthwash will help desensitize your teeth, prior to having the whitening process. If you are thinking of doing Zoom and are concerned about the pain, consider using toothpaste for sensitive teeth for several weeks beforehand.

Question #5. Are The Results Permanent?

No method of whitening is permanent as everyone constantly consumes food and drink that potentially causes teeth to discolour. Most dentists offer mouth trays that can be used by the patient at home following the actual treatment. You simply fill the trays with the gel and hold them in your mouth for a set time. Leading dentists in Western Australia suggest that gradually whitening teeth at home is the best way to achieve results that are more permanent. If you buy a Zoom treatment on a budget these take home kits may not be included, but you can always elect to buy them separately.


If you are thinking of having Zoom, hopefully this article has answered some of your questions. If you have any other questions or treatments, leave us a comment below!