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Have you always dreamt of having white, radiant smile that will boost your confidence when talking or dealing with other people?

Well, with teeth whitening procedures readily available to make that dream of yours come true, your life will definitely become better. However, you might be frightened of undergoing such procedures because of the myths commonly attached to them. Let us closely look into these myths and understand why you should stop believing them.

Myth: Teeth whitening can damage your tooth’s enamel

Fact: Well, this used to be the scenario in the past when chemicals and bleaches were stronger than the ones used now. With the milder bleaching versions out these days, there is no reason to worry about the teeth whitening procedure damaging the enamel.

Myth: Teeth whitening makes your teeth more sensitive compared to before

Fact: Sensitivity is normally felt during the procedure but this is definitely temporary. Tooth sensitivity is common though only for those patients who already have been suffering from it in the past. With the help of different types of gels applied during and after the process, though, there is a lesser chance for you to feel any tingling or obstructing sensation on the teeth.

Myth: The procedure is painful

Fact: The pain can be brought about by tooth sensitivity but since there are gels to prevent that unwanted sensation, there is no reason to worry about pain at all. The truth is that teeth whitening is not painful at all. Add to that the fact that it is also safe to make use of. Bleaching agents, however, may cause discomfort just when it touches your gums. But like with tooth sensitivity, the dentist would apply a gel to prevent this discomfort. This gel acts as a gingival barrier that will eventually prevent the bleach from getting in contact with your gums. There are some cases when a minor ache may be felt for about 12 hours after the treatment but with over-the-counter pain relievers, this can be resolved.

Myth: You have to visit your dentist every now and then to get satisfactory results

Fact: There are a required number of sessions that will actually give you the satisfactory result that you have always wanted. That does not mean you have to visit your dentist time and again. Some dentists would simply recommend that you make us of teeth whitening products at home (with caution). Depending on how discoloured your teeth are, they will then schedule you for your next visit.

Myth: Teeth whitening can result in mouth cancer

Fact: Teeth whiteners have never been proven to cause cancer in patients who have undergone the procedure. Your dentist would know the cause and teeth whitening is never said to be the culprit in this problem.

All in all, teeth whitening in Perth with the help of a professional dentist can guarantee that you will get the results you want, that is, whiter and healthier teeth that will bring that flash of smile on your faces. In order to make sure you obtain best results, you have to visit dental professionals only and not entrust the procedure to anyone else.