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Are you aware of any plastic strips that can whiten your teeth? If it is a no, you can check out these over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. They are easy and mostly safe to use, and they are a convenient way of whitening your teeth. You can apply these strips onto your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Most of them are stick-on applications that have a peroxide-gelled side.

How do they work?

The strips are actually modest-sized polyethylene pieces. It is flexible to wrap around the top surface, edges and crevices between one’s teeth. Each strip may contain ingredients such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, which will eventually react with the moisture in the mouth. The reactions bring about certain by-products that work together to whiten, break up stain bonds and allow the whitening effect to spread throughout the applied surface. Some of these strips also come in flavoured forms, which reduce the chances of peculiar tastes. Before you pay for such a product, it is vital to be acquainted with the pros and cons of using such methods.


• With regular use, your teeth will appear visibly whiter than before. Usually the effect starts to shape after two weeks.

• They are readily available in most community grocery stores and pharmacies.

• They are the least expensive choice compared to complete cosmetic dental procedures – it is much like using pore packs when you don’t feel like making an appointment for facial treatments.

• Suitable for anyone who has stained or yellow teeth, but with healthy teeth that is cleaned and maintained.


• Although they come with affordable prices, they may still be relatively costly. Users can expect $40 upwards per box.

• Results are not permanent and may fade over time.

• Individuals who have sensitive teeth and gums may not like the product as it may cause pain to a certain extent.

• If teeth are poorly maintained, desired results are hard to achieve.

How to use them

Always read the instructions on their packaging and do not leave them on longer than you should. After the time is up, remove the strips and spit out any excess gel. Repeat the process for a consecutive number of days as it is not an overnight wonder. And of course, brush regularly and use mouthwash to supplement your use of the whitening strips. Try to include fruits such as strawberries in your daily diet too. Strawberries contain nutrients such as malic acid, and that can also be found in teeth whitening products.

Dentist’s advice

Experts recommend anyone who is interested to seek the advice of their dentists and check whether they are fit to use such products. The results from different products and brands differ from person to person. Users must not neglect the overall cleanliness of their teeth as well as their usual dental checkups. Avoid using products that contain chlorine dioxide and never consumer acidic foods and drinks after using the whitening strips.